Why Isn’t Dr Robert “Whirlwind” Johnson in the Tennis Hall of Fame?

Tennis’ Dirty Little Secret
Why Isn’t “The Whirlwind” In The Hall Of Fame?

by Julian Johnson, the grandson of Dr. Robert Walter “Whirlwind” Johnson. He can be reached via e-mail at antibes13@hotmail.com View all articles by Julian Johnson
POSTED: Apr 5, 2008

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NEW YORK — High atop a gray skyscraper on Wall Street, a tiny cabal was overheard by the cleaning crew, disparaging ” the black jellybeans that’ve taken over basketball, football and track.

We’ve beaten back the “Tiger Woods Affect” in golf, thank God.  We’re importing Pedro’s from the DR to dilute the Leroy’s from South Central; by ’08, baseball will look like “1946″ all over again. Tennis is a little iffy, we’ve got to hold onto tennis, we can’t let it go ghetto, we’ve got to make it genteel and clean again – and we will!”

Though tennis’ ruling class likely have not uttered these words, the sport is whiter than it was 30 years ago, in spite of all the feel-good diversity programs launched by the United States Tennis Association (USTA).

While commentators like tennis legend John McEnroe bemoan the dearth of topflight tennis talent in the USA and muse about a “Michael Jordan or an Allen Iverson with a tennis racket,” what steps are being taken to realize that dream?

“To understand the intent, look at the affect.”  Read More…

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